Booking and Cancellation Policy Worldwide Yacht Rentals LLC

·         Your yacht (boat) charter price is divided into two payments: the Reservation Fee and the Charter Fee. These two payments are different both in nature and the payment method, and they have to be made for your charter to happen.

·         The Reservation Fee (the first payment) should be paid on the day when you book the Yacht Charter. The Reservation Fee is a one-time payment to secure your yacht reservation for a certain day and hour for a selected yacht (boat) with a certain chartered yacht (boat) operator. Worldwide Yacht Rentals LLC will provide you with the payment method for this. When this first payment is received, Worldwide Yacht Rentals LLC will send you the Voucher of Booking confirmation to your e-mail address or the WhatsApp number where the selected yacht, date and time of the charter will be clearly stated. This Reservation Fee is what you pay to Worldwide Yacht Rentals LLC for the service of matching your booking request to the available chartable yachts the company is offering and to secure your booking with the yacht (boat) operator.

·         The Reservation Fee is applied against the selected yacht (boat) only. If you later choose to select another yacht instead, the previously paid Reservation Fee cannot be transferred to that newly selected yacht and is not refunded. You will have to pay a new Reservation Fee for the newly selected yacht in this case.

·         The Charter Fee and Port fee (the second payment) is the remaining part of the rental price of the yacht (boat) charter and Port Fee, and this payment must be made at the time of boarding on the departure day at the port with cash only. This Charter Fee is what you pay to the operator of the yacht (boat) directly, and is not in any part charged by Worldwide Yacht Rentals LLC. Please note that this direct payment to the charter operator has to be made in cash and before the trip starts.

·         Your charter time begins at the time stated in the Booking Confirmation Voucher along with other booking information. If you fail to arrive on time, the vessel will be waiting for you, but no refunds or extra time will be applied for late arrivals.

·         If your yacht (boat) charter is cancelled due to the weather conditions (hurricane, lightning storm or tornado) preventing the yacht (boat) to operate or any other reasons by Worldwide Yacht Rentals LLC, you may reschedule your charter or receive a 100% refund of the Reservation Fee within 3 days.

·         «It’s too rainy», «it’s too cloudy», «it’s too windy», «it’s too sunny», «thunderstorms may happen» or «it’s too hot» are not considered as grounds for yacht cancellation, rescheduling or Reservation Fee refund.

·         If you cancel the yacht charter for any reasons of your own (unexpected disease, illness or injury, government obligations like jury duty, court appearances or military duties, travel advisories or other government guidance, cancellation or rescheduling of an event for which the yacht reservation was made) the Reservation Fee is not refundable.

·         If you cancel your yacht reservation due to airlines/or weather-related issues at either port of departure or port of arrival, the Reservation Fee is not refundable.

·         No refunds either of the Reservation Fee or the Charter Fee are made if the yacht charter ends earlier because of: the client gets seasick or dizzy during the tour or at the request of the client.

·         No refunds either of the Reservation Fee or the Charter Fee are made if the client was unable to do snorkeling activities due to the weather conditions.

·         No refunds of the Reservation Fee are made for no-shows. If you fail to show, then your charter experience will be considered complete and your Charter Fee will be forfeited, while the Reservation Fee will not be refunded.